Design-Build Services

Design-build is an integrated approach that delivers design and construction services under one roof with a single point of responsibility. Our clients select design-build to achieve best value while meeting schedule, cost and quality goals. NBR has been focusing on integrated approaches to custom kitchens, bathrooms, and additions in and around San Francisco for over 14 years. Our services include:


  • Full Design Services
  • Lifestyle Space Planning
  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting


Victorian Homes– NBR brings modernity and functionality to the Victorian layout while preserving the charm and historical aspects of the home. Common issues addressed include 2nd parlor room usage, split family living space solutions, half bath/full bath additions and additional storage.

Feel free to request a consultation to discuss possible solutions.

General Contracting

NBR provides general contracting when needed. We can taylor a package for any type of project. Send us an email to get started.

Real Estate Life Cycle Services

NBR understands the Real Estate Life Cycle and provides many services for the Home Seller/Real Estate Professional.

  • Start to Finish Project Management
  • All pre-sale construction and staging, including but not limited to: Kitchen/Bathroom Facelift, Landscape/Front Facade Refresh, Painting, Staging Services.
  • Design Drawings
  • The Real Estate Marketing of your home and/or of remodeling possibilities that you can sell with your home
  • Condo-Conversion Prep
  • NBR can help you with the condo conversion process. We have expertise in converting tenants-in-common and/or multi-unit buildings into individual condos. Any construction or upgrades can be handled quickly and efficiently per city codes.
  • Services for the Home Buyer
  • Buying a new home? We will walk through the property with you, listen to your questions, discuss your options, and provide you with a Real Estate Life-Cycle Report for a low cost to you BEFORE you buy. We can answer questions about costs and any possible renovations.
    • Can we add a bathroom/remove this wall and how much will it cost?
    • We don’t have any kids now, but when we do, what can we do to this house so that it will grow with our family?
    • We love this 2 or 3 or 4 unit building. How do we condo?

Free Consultations

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to arrange a 1 hour free consultation for any project– at whatever stage it may be in.